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What does ministry look like to you?

Does it involve changing lives, standing in solidarity and love with those in need, and helping people to break the cycle of poverty?

You could be a part of a movement, inspired by faith and committed to transformation in our world. Will you join with All We Can today and revitalise your ministry?

You can find some resources to support you in that transformation here:

  • Change Begins with a Bicycle – our exciting new campaign features a range of inspiring worship resources, as well as materials you could use with your small group and/or youth and children’s ministries.
  • An Extraordinary Christmas! – as you and your church prepare for a Christmas like no other, why not make use of our fabulous online nativity resources.

And why not like, follow and subscribe to All We Can’s digital channels to be a part of the growing community of people meeting online to help transform lives:

We want to see change in God’s world. That change begins with you…