My inspirational woman is… My daughter Jenny


This Lent we are sharing stories from around the world celebrating the women in our lives that have inspired us.

Today’s moving story comes from Diane Robinson, All We Can Co-ordinator for the North Yorkshire Coast Circuit. Diane’s inspirational woman is her daughter Jenny:

Choosing my inspirational woman has been a tough task. Many women have inspired me over the years, but I keep coming back to my daughter, Jenny Connor. I think most mums would agree that their children inspire them to be more than they ever thought they could be, and teach them an awful lot along the way. That’s certainly the case with my two (I’m blessed with an inspiring son too).

We soon discovered that Jenny had a whole host of food allergies which meant that she couldn’t accept food offered without it being checked out. I can still see her sitting smiling and shaking her head surrounded by other toddlers who were eagerly reaching for any edible treats being offered. I found her smiling acceptance that her ‘lot’ was different and definitely not a problem – very inspiring. It has helped me in those times when I have had to ‘dare to be different’.

Jen’s longed-for first baby died in the womb at full term, just a few hours before she was born. Through that heart-wrenching time my son-in-law’s and daughter’s faith was severely tested, but remained strong. As I helped Jenny prepare for baby Jessica’s funeral and looked into her grief-stricken eyes, she said, “Mum, in some ways I think this is worse for you than it is for me. I know that my daughter is alright, but you don’t know if yours is going to be.” That was a profoundly inspirational moment, when I knew that with God’s help, we would all get through.

Ben and Jenny have gone on to have three happy healthy children who are growing up in a loving Christian home, and Jenny continues to manage to surprise, challenge and inspire me in countless ways.

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