Obbie’s Story

Obbie stands amongst her crops in Nkayi. Image: Tendai Marima/All We Can

You may have already heard a little about All We Can’s ‘The Next Steps’ campaign, and the community in Nkayi – a rural region in Zimbabwe’s Matebeleland North. Obbie lives in Nkayi. The region often experiences extended dry spells, and is prone to persistent drought as well as other extreme weather events such as floods and high temperatures.

As a result, access to water is an issue in Nkayi, with women and young people often traveling long distances (up to 5 km) to fetch water. The infrequent quantities of rain which do fall in the region are insufficient for growing most crop varieties, meaning families can struggle to grow enough food to eat.

Obbie (pictured) is one of the original members of a community garden which was started up by a collective of 36 women to sell tomatoes and green vegetables, supported by All We Can’s local partner in Nkayi, HEFO. Growing crops in the garden used to be a struggle – but thankfully, the installation of a solar borehole, a water tank and three taps has made crops watering easier. It has increased the garden produce, and encouraged the farmers to search for more markets to sell their vegetables.

‘The solar borehole project and the taps have helped everyone in the community. Now it has encouraged other women to come forward and be active, and even the youth are also doing something.’ – Obbie

Over the coming year, All We Can’s local partner HEFO will be walking with people as they take their next steps towards overcoming the challenges of Covid-19, climate change, and poverty.  Will you be a part of that journey? Find out more.