Our goals

Three key goals will guide All We Can’s work from 2020-25, in order to help realise its vision of seeing every person’s potential fulfilled.

Goal One

To create a legacy of resilient, thriving and impactful local partners.

We will achieve this by deepening and strengthening our partnership model; supporting our local partners to become resilient, and self-sufficient; enabling partners to deliver community-led, effective, and adaptive programmes; and responding quickly to humanitarian emergencies, and committing to longer-term recovery in affected communities.

Goal Two

To inspire and invest in a wealth of diverse supporter relationships that resource and grow the movement.

We will achieve this by working toward financial sustainability; developing, growing and improving our fundraising and communication approach; informing and inspiring our incredible supporters by demonstrating their impact; and enabling even more people to hear about All We Can’s work.

Goal Three

To leverage greater impact in the wider world through collaboration and influence.

We will achieve this by working together with our Methodist Church family, and other denominations, in our response to poverty and disasters; sharing All We Can’s partnership approach, and it’s impact, with others across the international development sector; and helping educate people throughout the UK and beyond about the root causes of poverty and injustice, to help facilitate change.

Find out more about All We Can’s 2020-25 Strategy.