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Prayers – Advent and Christmas

This month, while we recognise that there is darkness in our world, we do not despair. We have hope in Jesus Christ, the light of the world, and his coming Kingdom. Join us in prayer this season of Advent and as we celebrate Christmas together

A prayer of praise
Almighty God,
We open our hearts to receive
the good news of our Lord,
for our Saviour has come –
Wonderful Immanuel! God with us!
In you, earth is embraced by heaven’s gracious arms.
Redeemer and friend, full of grace and truth –
your glorious light transforms our world.
We bring our worship to you, King Jesus,
with our hearts full of wonder and praise!

A prayer of thanksgiving
Thank you Father, for giving us your Son, Jesus!
With the shepherds, we stand in awe.
With the wise men, we bring our worship.
With Joseph, we are open to your words.
With Mary, we treasure our experiences –
to the praise and glory of your name!

A prayer of intercession
Jesus Christ, born in a stable –
Be with those who are without a home.
Jesus Christ, born of Mary –
Be with vulnerable women across the world.
Jesus Christ, visited by shepherds –
Be with all who work hard but still struggle to provide for their needs.
Jesus Christ, worshipped by Magi –
Be with those who are persecuted for their difference.
Jesus Christ, who became a refugee –
Be with those who live in fear and uncertainty.

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