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Prayers – Displacement

This month, we pray for the many people in our world who have been forcibly displaced from their home.

All We Can has been supporting Syrian refugees like Sibaa in Jordan. Image: All We Can/LWF Jordan

Syrian refugees

We remember the millions of Syrian refugees who have fled the conflict over the last eight years to find a place of safety. We are thankful for the local organisation All We Can continues to work with in Jordan, to provide life-skills training and psychosocial support (supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of young people). Together, we are helping refugees to gain the skills they need to support themselves in their new contexts and to cope with past traumas to help them flourish today. Please pray for this important work and for an end to the conflict.

Rohingya refugees

The largest refugee camp is in Bangladesh, a settlement for more than 900,000 Rohingya people, an ethnic minority group from western Myanmar, who have fled violence and persecution. All We Can is playing a vital role by providing safe spaces and life-skills training to vulnerable women. Please pray for the people in these camps, especially women who are more vulnerable in these contexts, All We Can’s important work and for a longer-term solution to be found to enable the Rohingya people to flourish.

Climate displacement

Increasingly farmers in some of the world’s poorest communities, like Ethiopia, are struggling to grow food on their land because of the changes in climate. If people’s land no longer provides for their needs, they will be forced to move in search of better opportunities. All We Can is helping farmers in Ethiopia to combat the effects of climate change through providing seeds better suited to the climate and training in improved farming techniques. This work is the focus of our Harvest Appeal, you can learn more here. Please pray for farmers who are struggling across our world to grow the food they need, for All We Can’s work helping to address this issue and for more to be done by world leaders to help us be better stewards of our world.

Prayer for creation:

Father of creation:
You made all things through love
You spoke with authority and life sprang into being
You made us in your wonderful image to be stewards of your world. Forgive us, Lord:
When we have failed to reflect you
When we have lived with selfish intention, placing our own needs above those of others
When we have misused or polluted creation
When we have acted in a way that has caused disadvantage and hurt.
Help us, Lord, to reflect you:
By being faithful stewards of your creation
By showing love and concern for the world.
May our actions produce lasting fruit,
for the sake of your Kingdom

Claire Welch

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