Prayers for Refugees

Church resources for Refugee Week
Storm clouds gather over Za'atari refugee camp in Jordon.

Since its origins in 1938, helping young Jewish refugees flee annexed Austria, All We Can has been committed to supporting refugees. That work continues to this day. Below, you can find prayers and worship resources for you and your church to use.

In Refugee Week 2022, you can make use of worship resources based on Psalm 16 and Luke 9:51-62, reflect, learn, pray and sing together, and choose to support All We Can’s vital work with refugees and around the world.

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A prayer for refugees

God creator of all,
For people who are displaced,
may they find a safe refuge.

For people who have lost control of their lives,
may they know a sure foundation.

For people who live in fear,
may they be given a strong fortress.

For people who are disillusioned,
may they have hope in a future.

Loving Father in times of crisis, sorrow and uncertainty
we ask that you draw near.


A prayer for refugee week (20-26th June 2022)

We encourage you to light a candle as a sign of light in the darkness as we pray for people who have been displaced or are living as refugees all over the world today.

Loving and tender God, today we pray for the Rohingya people living in the camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh – in particular those affected by the recent fire in the camp.
This day, we hold before you all those who are found longing for a place to call home.
We pray for peace in the homeland of refugees fleeing conflict and that all involved might find boldness and humility to build societies where all feel safe.
At this time, we remember Christ the bringer of peace;
Come shine your light to shine upon the refugee and those suffering this day.
Bring peace, healing, and above all, a sense of belonging for all.

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