Prayers – June 2017


This month we pray that in times of fear, conflict and uncertainty that all people will know the peace and refuge that comes from God.

Displaced people

We are particularly praying for refugees during Refugee Week, 19-25 June 2017. Today, there are over 65 million people worldwide forcibly displaced because of conflict and persecution. Of these, over 4.8 million are Syrians who have fled from their country because of violence, conflict, and a complete collapse of Syria’s infrastructure since the war started in 2011. All We Can is helping vulnerable refugees in Jordan and Lebanon

Please pray for:

  • Peace in Syria and other parts of our world experiencing unrest
  • The millions of people who are uprooted from their homes in need of hospitality and support to meet their basic needs
  • All We Can as we respond to the needs of refugees in Jordan and Lebanon
  • All We Can has produced a refugee resource, including prayers and a bible study that you can use in your churches. Click here to download these free resources

Rebuilding communities

Some of the local communities All We Can works with have had conflict in their recent past, such as Uganda and Burundi, which has resulted in people needing to rebuild their lives. All We Can is helping individuals to develop their livelihoods so that they might be able to provide for the needs of their families. Please pray for:

  • Stability and rest for countries whose communities are rebuilding their livelihoods after conflict
  • Success in the livelihoods being developed to enable people to provide for their families’ needs
  • All We Can as we identify those who are in need of our support

Searching for food

In parts of East Africa, there is much unrest and uncertainty as people search for food. In February this year, All We Can launched its East Africa Famine Appeal, which has gained significant support read more about it here). Please pray for:

  • An end to the food poverty that leaves so many facing famine
  • Food aid to reach those who are in most urgent need
  • An end to the droughts that are making planning for the future so difficult


Psalm 46.1 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

Loving God,
In times of uncertainty and unrest
we thank you that you are present with your peace.
In times where the surge of fear seems great,
we thank you that your strength in us is even greater.
In times of trouble,
we thank you that you welcome us into your refuge.
Help us to take your peace, strength and refuge into our broken world.

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