Prayers for Ethiopia

All We Can is working with four inspiring local organisations in Ethiopia that focus on working with the most vulnerable in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Please join us in praying for their work

In Ethiopia more than 12 million people do not have secure access to food. The majority of Ethiopians rely on agriculture to make a living, but much of the already limited farming land is suffering from deforestation and soil erosion. During the dry season the majority of people do not have enough food to eat and without alternative sources of livelihoods many young adults move away in search of work. Find out more about All We Can’s work in Ethiopia here.

Prayers for Ethiopia

God of all,
We pray for the beautiful country of Ethiopia.
From Addis Ababa to Tigray;
May peace abound.
We pray for Ethiopia’s government,
May those who lead be passionate about justice for all people, filled with wisdom, and able to listen to the needs of the ones they are responsible for.
We pray for the challenges Ethiopian communities like Cherkos are facing due to the climate crisis;
Bless the projects teaching new ways to grow food and provide livelihoods in difficult circumstances.
We thank you for the young people of Ethiopia;
Lord, grant that they will have opportunities to fulfil their potential.
May your Spirit be at work within Ethiopia,
Protecting, inspiring and encouraging your beloved children.

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