A prayer for wisdom

A prayer based on the parable of the wise and foolish builders

Give us the strength to be wise God,
We pray that you might open our eyes to the world around us that we will be a generation unafraid to stand on the Rock even as those around us build grand castles in the sand.

Let us stand firm when wind and rain batters us from all sides, make us a people brave enough to clothe ourselves only in what we need and not in what the world says we should have.

Give us the strength to be foolish God,
foolish enough to believe that we can change the world with you.

Help us to be humble enough to sing from our shack on the rocks and meek enough to get alongside those that need our support.

When people around us fall Lord, give us compassion and grace so that we will be the ones to hold out our hands and they might see you reflected in our eyes.

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