Praying for The Bahamas


Pray with the people of The Bahamas

This month we are focusing on the people affected by Hurricane Dorian particularly the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama. We remember that although the initial impact has passed, the devastation is significant and the rebuilding process will be lengthy. All We Can and the Methodist Church in Britain launched a joint appeal to provide important and life-saving resources for those affected in The Bahamas.

Let us join together with our sisters and brothers around the world in prayer.

God of Creation,
The devastation of Abaco and Grand Bahama seems beyond our comprehension,
Communities have been wiped out,
The majority of homes have been destroyed,
Basic amenities like water, electricity and phone lines are no longer there,
Food is scarce.
We pray for those responsible for the rebuilding to have wisdom and clarity as they make plans and decisions about how to tackle the magnitude of the destruction.

God of compassion,
The number of missing people in Abaco and Grand Bahama is rising,
The loss of life,
The destruction of homes,
The displacement of people,
There is so much grief and pain.
We pray that you will comfort the mourning and gather people together to help tackle isolation and desolation as they face the challenge of recovery.

God of provision,
Water, shelter, food, medical supplies nappies and formula are still needed,
Care packages are gratefully received and remain necessary,
Rebuilding is costly,
We pray for the needs of your people in The Bahamas to be fully met and that the countries and people able to help will have a spirit of generosity.
Lord of all that has breath,
Come and guide our hands to help,
Give us your heart of compassion,
And bring healing and wholeness to The Bahamas,
In Jesus’ name,


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