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Change Bakers

Change Bakers – £91
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£91 could provide a Syrian refugee woman like Hanan (pictured) in Jordan with training to start a soap making, sewing or catering business. This will ensure a sustainable income to support her family – that’s better than a baker’s dozen!

Syrian refugee women, who are widowed or without a husband, are especially vulnerable in Jordan. Recognising their difficult situation, All We Can supports women by bringing them together to develop new skills and training them in how to start their own enterprises. These women develop small co-operatives like sewing groups that make clothes, craft groups that produce soap, candles and other handmade items, beauticians and hairdressers who serve their community, and groups that prepare and cook food to sell.

The women in the groups each bring different experiences and areas of expertise, and they learn much from each other. The women in one cookery group said, “We work together to achieve what we need for our business. Some manage the cooking. Some are good with biscuits and sweet items. Some are good with marketing. So we all work together on all things.”

The refugee situation heightens vulnerabilities for women-headed households. By giving the gift Change bakers, you could help vulnerable women develop friendships and earn a regular income to support their families.