Psalm 16 – Refugee Week

Church resources for Refugee Week
Storm clouds gather over Za'atari refugee camp in Jordon.

Psalm 16 begins:

“Keep me safe, my God,
for in you I take refuge.
I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord;
apart from you I have no good thing.”

In Refugee Week 2022, you can make use of worship resources based on Psalm 16 and Luke 9:51-62, reflect, learn, pray and sing together, and choose to support All We Can’s vital work with refugees and around the world.

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A prayer of confession based on Psalm 16

Mighty God,
In your graciousness, you created a world that is sufficient for us. In which all could have access to a home, to peace, and to security. And yet we have created scarcity out of abundance. We have forced displacement where there should be rest. We come to you, Lord of refuge, in acknowledgement of our failure to create a world that reflects your Kingdom.

As a world we have not created conditions that promote security for all people, through our stoking of conflicts and abuse of our natural environment, people are forced to uproot their lives and move to unfamiliar places.

Lord of refuge, Lord forgive

As a country, we have not done all we can to respond to this imperfect situation. We have practised scepticism rather than compassion, hostility rather than hospitality, reluctance rather than acceptance.

Lord of refuge, Lord forgive

As a church, we have not always adequately responded, or sought to respond, to challenges in our local communities and overseas. We regret that churches are not always seen as places of sanctuary for the stranger.

Lord of refuge, Lord forgive

As individuals, we can be quick to close our eyes and ears to the suffering of our brothers and sisters forced to flee their homes. We are sorry for the times we are quick to forget the ongoing situations which fall down the news agenda.

Lord of refuge, Lord forgive

We ask for forgiveness in full assurance of your endless willingness to grant it. May we receive it gratefully, and with resolve to grow in our love for you and those around us.



A prayer for refugee week (20-26th June 2022)

We encourage you to light a candle as a sign of light in the darkness as we pray for people who have been displaced or are living as refugees all over the world today.

Loving and tender God, today we pray for the Rohingya people living in the camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh – in particular those affected by the recent fire in the camp.
This day, we hold before you all those who are found longing for a place to call home.
We pray for peace in the homeland of refugees fleeing conflict and that all involved might find boldness and humility to build societies where all feel safe.
At this time, we remember Christ the bringer of peace;
Come shine your light to shine upon the refugee and those suffering this day.
Bring peace, healing, and above all, a sense of belonging for all.

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