Refugee crisis update


All We Can is responding to the growing, global refugee crisis. There are currently 70.8 million people who have been forcibly displaced in the world (UNHCR). All We Can have been working in Jordan, assisting Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and in Bangladesh supporting Rohingya refugees who fled Myanmar.

The war in Syria has caused trauma and devastation, with 5.6 million Syrians fleeing since 2011 (UNCHR). All We Can has already responded by supporting women in refugee camps in Jordan to use and develop their skills to create businesses. This has built a sense of economic security and social solidarity for the women. All We Can has also supported children in the refugee camps with a range of psychosocial activities to help them to overcome the trauma of conflict.

Unfortunately, the war in Syria is ongoing, support is still needed. For many, temporary tents in refugee camps have become permanent homes, and for toddlers and young children, this it is all they have known. Growing up in a challenging and unstable environment can hinder a child’s development and limit their potential. This is why All We Can are beginning to support the work of a children’s day-care centre. This provides a safe space for children and allows parents a chance to pursue employment. Some parents may even opt to work at the day-care centre, as job opportunities will be created.

All We Can is also be supporting work in Jordan that provides Syrian men and women with the opportunity to learn new skills. This will boost their confidence and help them find employment.

All We Can has also been delivering support to Rohinya refugees in Bangladesh. The Rohingya people fled Myanmar on mass in 2017 to escape what the UN has officially named as genocide. Hundreds-of-thousands of Rohingya people are now living in refugee camps in Bangladesh. Within the camps, resources are limited and conditions are poor.

In the Cox’s Bazar camps of Bangladesh, All We Can has completed work in delivering sanitation facilities, and is currently supporting the work of safe spaces for women. These safe spaces provide women with a place of comfort and peace. Women can take part in sewing, writing and language classes and crafts, or simply sit and relax. They can use the counselling services which allow the women to express the hardships they faced in Myanmar and face within the camp, or they can simply use the space to wash in safety. Zobada is taking confidence in learning how to write, and said, “We are coming here to learn many things like the sewing and crafts. We receive counselling. They are so welcoming here.”


All We Can is now also supporting work that provides new mothers, and pregnant women, with adequate nutrition and healthcare. By providing these services, babies born within the camp will have a better chance of surviving and growing into healthy children. Mothers will also be better equipped to look after their babies with the support provided.

All We Can is committed to working with some of the world’s poorest communities, including those displaced by conflict or persecution. We want to thank our generous supporters for your giving and prayers, and we ask that you continue to support All We Can, in whatever way you can.

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