All Things Hold Together

In these strange, isolated and divisive times, we need to feel more connected than ever.

We have prepared some devotional materials that you may wish to use to help you reflect, pray and to stay connected.

Whether or not you use these materials, we encourage you to join with us at 1:17 pm every day, when the All We Can team is committing to pray for our world, for each other, and for all affected by coronavirus (drawing inspiration from Colossians 1:17- ‘In Christ, all things hold together’).

You can download a printable version of these resources here.

Devotional Materials

Centring prayer

Pause, take a deep breath, quieten your mind and focus on God.

Here we are Lord, present to you.
Here we are, seeking to know more of you.
Here we are, bringing all sorts of emotions, doubts and fears to you.

Lord of all nature, calm me now, as you calmed the storm.
Lord of all love, inspire and encourage me, by your Spirit.
Lord of all life, open my heart and my mind to you, to your people and to your world.

Here we are Lord, together in Spirit and in truth.
Come amongst us, Lord Jesus.

Lord’s Prayer

Say aloud your favourite translation or version of The Lord’s Prayer.

You may find it helpful to watch this video using The Lord’s Prayer as a focus for praying into our world:


– Colossians 1:15-17
– Luke 15:11-32
You may also wish to watch this poetic interpretation of the story of The Prodigal Son:


Watch this reflection on ‘Togetherness’ put together by the All We Can team.


Prayers for the world

Gracious God, wherever we are today, we come in prayer for a world facing much uncertainty, much anxiety and much pain in light of the spread of coronavirus.
Into all that doubt, we pray for your miraculous, transformative presence.
Into all the darkness, come, Light of the World.

Gracious God, we offer our prayers for all the leaders in our society and nations, who must seek the wisest path, when every choice seems uncertain, unknown and imperfect.
May you give them the courage they need to take difficult decisions,
The grace to consider those in their care,
And the compassion to reach out to the most vulnerable in society.
Into all the darkness, come, Light of the World.

Gracious God, we pray for all who are feeling the symptoms of Coronavirus today.
For all who carry those symptoms with anxiety about their future, for all of us who are worried about how this will work itself out.
We offer to you in prayer all who are trying to treat, ease the effects of or tackle the causes of the virus – doctors, nurses, chemists, scientists and researchers.
Into all the darkness, come, Light of the World.

Gracious God, we pray for people all over the world whose cause or situation is now more likely to be overlooked, because attention and resources are turned towards fighting coronavirus.
We pray for all living in poverty, recovering from humanitarian crises or living as refugees and forced migrants. All who fear for their future.
We give you thanks for the work of organisations like All We Can, which continues despite the impact of the virus, and for all who continue to seek justice in your world.
Into the darkness, come, Light of the World.

In Jesus’ name we pray,

All We Can, as the official Methodist international development and relief agency, is closely connected with Mission Partners, partner churches and organisations around the world. Please do keep up-to-date with news from the global Church and continue to pray for mission partners around the world.

A prayer to use if you are self-isolating

If you have access to some tea lights, these may help to serve as a focus for the prayer.

Lord of light, in these dark times of anxiety, loneliness and fear,
We come to you.

This day, I am thinking of many people, many of whom I would normally have seen in recent days. I call their names and faces now to mind, bringing them in prayer.

Call aloud the names of people you are thinking of, and light a candle for each one.

God, who is Spirit, you connect us in mysterious and inexplicable ways. Here, surrounded by light, I hold before you the faces, the names and the stories of all these people.
God, who is unity, hold us together, in these difficult times.
God, who is incarnate Christ, you know the fragility and the pain of human flesh. You know our weaknesses, and the anxieties we have about the future.
Give me courage for this day.

Light another candle, to represent yourself.

God who is love, help me to show your love in the decisions I make this day, in the choices I have made and in how I seek to protect those near me.
God who is light, bring us through the time of trial.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

It may be helpful to sit, with the candles still lit, either in quiet or with some of your favourite uplifting music (this might be a worship song, a piece of classical music or a Bob Marley tune!)

Reflecting on light

Watch one or both of these reflections made for the International Day of Light, especially if your candles are still lit:

Spoken word for International Day of Light
Reflection on Light 

To ponder:
– Do you find the image of light helpful in these uncertain times?
– How might you use light in your home (especially in the evenings) to help create reflective and prayerful spaces?

Finish by singing, reading or listening to: Singing the Faith 706 – Longing for Light, We Wait in Darkness.

You can support the work of All We Can, who continue to respond to global injustice and support people living in some of the world’s poorest communities, by donating here. 
Or to find out more about becoming a regular supporter of their work, click here or call 020 3758 7700

It takes 20 seconds to read though or recite ‘Wesley’s rule’ (the saying or quotation from which All We Can draws its name) through twice, perhaps you might like to print this out and place it near a sink in your house and say it through twice as you wash your hands?