Children/Youth resources

Our resources are designed to help children and young people relate their faith to poverty and injustice issues in our world today and give them meaningful ways to make a difference.

Let your light shine

Inspire your children, young people groups and school to let their light shine. Celebrate how God’s gift of light has the power to transform lives and see how communities in southern Malawi are overcoming failed harvests with the introduction of solar powered irrigation. What a bright idea!

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Rays of hope film
– MP4

Travel Lightly

A pack of fun-filled and inspiring resources to help young people consider how they can travel lightly through life, while understanding that for some people in our world each day is a wilderness experience a struggle for food, experiencing a hostile environment and feelings of isolation.
Travel Lightly Children’s resources
Travel Lightly Youth resources
School Key Stage 1&2 Resource
Film: the Wilderness 

100 ways to change the world

All of us have the power to change the world by taking simple actions that make a great difference. Here are 4 ways you can be a world-changer:

  1. 100 Ways to change the world– which one will you do first?
  2. Run this engaging session with your youth group: Change happens when we all work toegther
  3. Watch these two films, introducing All We Can’s work and meeting Gladys’ from Cameroon.
  4. Share these films and how you are changing the world with people in your community or church using the form below.

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All We Can is committed to global education and inspiring young people to make a difference.

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