Fundraising packs

Be inspired by stories from All We Can’s work and raise funds to help people living in some of the world’s poorest communities to overcome the challenges of poverty and marginalisation.

Our fundraising packs have been designed to help you raise money in your churches, small groups or homes.

Created to include information on the work of our talented local partners around the world these packs also contain lots of fun facts, activities and ideas to help make your fundraising events both educational and entertaining.

A glowing fundraising pack

Be inspired by a range of ideas themed around the sun and featuring moving stories from Malawi.


A Glowing Fundraising Pack PDF
Fundraising Event Flier  PDF
Fundraising Event Poster PDF
Community Presentation PPTX
Rays of hope film – MP4

Refugees: “To all the people we can”

Resources focussing on the refugee crisis for an engaging event, Bible study or service, with practical ways of how you can make a difference.


Eggsravagant Fundraising

Be inspired by a range of ideas themed around chickens and featuring moving stories from Zimbabwe.


Eggstravagant Fundraising Pack – PDF 5 MB
Eggstravagant Fundraising Leaflet – PDF 616 KB
Eggstravagant Fundraising Poster – PDF 1 MB
Community Presentation
Hope for the furure– MP4