Lent 2021 – Change Begins

How will you be journeying through Lent this year?  

You can be a part of the change that is happening – for families and communities around the world, and in your own journey with God. You can download your copy of a daily devotional for Lent 2021 below, or order a physical copy, for you to use at home, in small groups or with your whole church.

You can make use of helpful prayer materials, excellent Bible reflections from a range of contributors, inspiring stories, an engaging family devotional you can work through with children of all ages and lots of videos to watch at home or share with others. This Lent resource features contributors like Ashley Cooper, Tony Ashley, Sonia Hicks, Paul Harcourt and Barbara Easton. You can follow the links below to download your free copy materials immediately, or put in an order for physical copies of the resources to be sent to you (you will be asked to make a donation to help cover postage).

And you can sign up for a weekly email during Lent >>

Thank you for being a part of the change…

Have you got questions about our Change Begins with a Bicycle campaign? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more and how to contact our Supporter Care Team.