Prayer materials

Prayers and reflections inspired by global issues and the work of All We Can’s partners.

Prayer is vital to the work of All We Can and our partner organisations around the world. We believe prayer makes a significant difference because God is concerned for those in need.

Prayers by theme

Use our prayer resources below, for personal reflection or as a church, to pray for the work of All We Can and our partner organisations working in some of the world’s poorest communities.


A prayer for action

Lord, may we respond by faith to what we hear,
and use our mouths to share who you are.

May we tell of your good deeds and love,
and inspire faith in those around us.

Help us to have compassion for those in need,
and respond in love with acts of generosity

Claire Welch


A prayer for the climate

God of forgiveness, cover the sky with clouds,
regulate the rain and the climate, to make the crops grow,
and reduce poverty and famine.


Martine Kakinda, Programme Coordinator of All We Can partner SOEDC in Burundi.


A prayer for compassion

Loving and compassionate Jesus,
Help us to respond to the things our eyes perceive.
Help us to tend to the people in this world who are in need.
Help us to be generous with our resources, words and time.
Help us to follow you as you lead and guide.


Claire Welch


A prayer for courage


You turned over the traders’ tables,
kicked up a fuss,
shouted and screamed,
suffered and died,
challenged injustice.

We repent of the times when we
have kept our heads down,
have shut our mouth,
have played it safe,
ignored injustice.

Forgive us and breathe your Spirit into us we pray.


Sarah Hagger


A prayer based on Psalm 95:1-7 Creator God,

In your hand are the depths of the earth.
The mountain peaks belong to you, The sea is your creation,
The dry land is your handiwork,
The fruit of the land is your design,
The taste of the produce is your gift,
And we are your people,
a flock under your care.
We give you our thanks and praise, O God.

Amen. Claire Welch

Leader: Creation displays the beauty of our Lord
All: Taste and see that the Lord is good
Leader: The seas bring forth refreshing waters
All: Taste and see that the Lord is good
Leader: The sky is adorned with colourful birds
All: Taste and see that the Lord is good
Leader: The land is bursting with vegetation
All: Taste and see that the Lord is good
Leader: The fields are vibrant with golden crops
All: Taste and see that the Lord is good
Leader: The beehives are alive with busy bees
All: Taste and see that the Lord is good
Leader: Magnificent creatures inhabit the earth
All: Taste and see that the Lord is good
Leader: God cares for all with everlasting love
All: Taste and see that the Lord is good
Leader: We are made in the image of God
All: Taste and see that the Lord is good Thank you God for the beauty and diversity of your glorious creation. Amen.

Claire Welch

Elderly people

Loving Father,

Thank you for never giving up on us,
for always seeing our worth,
and loving us unconditionally.
May the societies of this world reflect you in their treatment of the elderly,
to be places of care and respect,
and offer the opportunity for all people to fulfil their potential and live their life to the full, for all of their days.
Teach us, God, to love like you love.

Claire Welch


A prayer for Fairtrade Fortnight

Father God,

In all things let us seek to become imitators of you:
You are full of knowledge and infinite wisdom. Help us to carefully consider where our products come from, making wise decisions about what we buy.

You abhor slavery. Encourage us to play our part in freeing people around the world who are trapped in extreme poverty.

You say that a worker deserves their wages.
Forgive us for the times we have given our money to companies who don’t provide their staff with a living wage.
Empower us to change old habits so that our spending honours you.

You dance upon injustice and tell us to speak up for the voiceless. Give us the courage to inspire others to take action too. You are love. Let your tender compassion for each one of your children move us to care for our global family across the world.
In Jesus’ name,


Anna Rogers

Good stewardship

Father of creation:
You made all things through love
You spoke with authority and life sprang into being
You made us in your wonderful image to be stewards of your world. Forgive us, Lord:
When we have failed to reflect you
When we have lived with selfish intention, placing our own needs above those of others
When we have misused or polluted creation
When we have acted in a way that has caused disadvantage and hurt.
Help us, Lord, to reflect you:
By being faithful stewards of your creation
By showing love and concern for the world.
May our actions produce lasting fruit,
for the sake of your Kingdom

Claire Welch


Loving and compassionate God,
Help us to see hope in the most desperate situations.
Help us to uphold the value of others in our words and actions.
Help us to see the potential you see in each of your children.
Help us to know and to respond to your guiding hand in our lives.

Claire Welch

Justice and peace

Lord God, you have opened my eyes to the world around me.

Let these eyes not grow weary because of what they see:
war instead of peace,
despair instead of hope,
profit instead of prosperity,
want instead of need,
statistics instead of people,
destruction and pollution instead of nurture and growth.

I know your continual challenge to me: to pursue a life of justice and peace.

I know you have provided me the tools to make a difference.

Your message has lit a spark within.

Ensure that I will continue to look upon the people of the world as my neighbours
that I will not stay quiet as injustice continues
that I will not let hatred or despair win over love and hope
that I will not let your people become statistics that remove their humanity
that I will not sit by as your world is damaged beyond repair.

I pray that you will keep the fire burning within me. Amen.

John Cooper


A prayer about seeing potential in people

God of salvation and freedom,

We confess that we have been short-sighted when we have looked at the potential in ourselves, others and situations.
We have missed seeing what people could become, and what we could become.
We ask that in your mercy you will forgive us. God of forgiveness and hope,
We ask that you will help us see ourselves, others and situations through your eyes. To see the potential that you can see. To be people of love, quick to forgive and bringers of hope. Amen Claire Welch


A prayer for refugees

God creator of all,
For people who are displaced,
may they find a safe refuge.

For people who have lost control of their lives,
may they know a sure foundation.

For people who live in fear,
may they be given a strong fortress.

For people who are disillusioned,
may they have hope in a future.

Loving father in times of crisis, sorrow and uncertainty
we ask that you draw near.


Claire Welch


A prayer of repentance

Sometimes we dig holes for ourselves Lord,
great muddy pits of anxiety, pride, greed or apathy,
built on the slippery belief that the minutiae of our lives is more important than loving others.

We allow selfish ambition and materialism to stand in the way of protecting your people,
and let ourselves sink into the belief that if we can’t see it happening, it’s not our problem.

Thanks that you don’t turn a blind eye,
and that if we ask, you’ll wade into the mire with us,
cover yourself in the mess we’ve made,
pass a shovel,
dig alongside us, and help us out.

Anna Rogers

Lord, we acknowledge that we have fallen short of your goodness.
You are like the mother hen who gathers her chicks under her wings,
whose embrace provides layers of protection and emanates the warmth of your love and care.
We are often more self-seeking:
manipulating what we can for our own advantage
putting the desires of our stomach
above the hunger of others
using our own voices to drown out the cries of those oppressed.
Lord, help us
to put other people above ourselves,
to assist in feeding those who hunger for justice,
and to amplify the voices of the oppressed.
Lord in your mercy, forgive us and change us.

Claire Welch


A prayer for unity

Ever-loving and gracious God, we thank you for the potential for creativity,
service and healing that each new day brings.

We pray you will help us to live every moment remembering that we are part of a human family, which reaches to the farthest corners of the globe.

Holy Spirit, connect us, transform us, reconcile us so that together, we may celebrate and protect your creation and defend the dignity and worth of all God’s children who draw life from it. Amen

Kathleen Loughlin


A prayer based on the parable of the wise and foolish builders

Give us the strength to be wise God,
We pray that you might open our eyes to the world around us that we will be a generation unafraid to stand on the Rock even as those around us build grand castles in the sand.

Let us stand firm when wind and rain batters us from all sides, make us a people brave enough to clothe ourselves only in what we need and not in what the world says we should have.

Give us the strength to be foolish God,
foolish enough to believe that we can change the world with you.

Help us to be humble enough to sing from our shack on the rocks and meek enough to get alongside those that need our support.

When people around us fall Lord, give us compassion and grace so that we will be the ones to hold out our hands and they might see you reflected in our eyes.

Laura Cook

Young people

Loving Father
We thank you for young people,
the energy, enthusiasm and potential that they have.
We pray that the obstacles that can hold them back
such as poverty, ill health and discrimination, will be removed.
We ask that, inspired by your Spirit, young people will have courage to speak out for justice,
find solutions to poverty and love their neighbours with word and action.
May you strengthen them with joyful hearts,
give them a vision of your Kingdom here on earth, and embolden them to act.

Claire Welch

A prayer of dedication used at the launch of All We Can

A prayer of dedication used at the launch of All We Can

Leader: We choose to do all the good we can.
All: We serve a God who is good to us.

Leader: We choose to use all the means we can.
All: We serve a God who has done his all for us.

Leader: We choose to use all the ways we can.
All: We serve a God who has given us The Way.

Leader: We choose to go to all the places we can.
All: We serve a God who made his place with us.

Leader: We choose to give all the time we can.
All: We serve a God beyond all time.

Leader: We choose to go to all the people we can.
All: We serve a God who took on flesh.

Leader: We choose to do this as long as ever we can.
All: We serve a God who has given us life.
We do all we can for the honour and glory of God. Amen.

Claire Welch

A prayer for the nations

Loving God of all the world,
We hold before you the nations
To the God who reigns over governments,
Bring justice where injustice rules.
To the God who carries a weary world without growing weak
Give strength to the struggling and hope to the hopeless.
To the creative God who dreamt up our world
Grant vision and insight to those with a heart to change things for the better.
To the compassionate God
Heal what is hurting and restore what has been broken.
With grateful hearts we thank our loving God,
whose compassion never ceases,
whose love for us never runs dry,
whose fight against injustice never relents. Amen.

Rebecca Branch


A prayer for Cameroon

God of beauty
Thank you for the vibrancy and life found in Cameroon
Strengthen the people who work hard to provide for their daily needs
Shine a light in the places where the darkness of injustice still prevails
Inspire the hearts of decision makers to act for the good of all
Make fruitful the efforts of All We Can’s partners working for positive long term change
For the glory of your Kingdom

Claire Welch

A prayer for Ethiopia

Father, we bring before you the plight of the communities where we work in Ethiopia. We desire to see all people living in peace and harmony, enjoying safe livelihoods. Help us as we accompany communities in crisis, as we bring before you the stories of men and women who have struggled in very difficult situations.

Lord God, help us as we work towards our vision for communities to be living well and healthy. We join in partnership together to act to restore creation to what you, our loving God, had intended it to be. Enable all of us to work to this end as one family united by the Father of all creation. Amen.

Rahel Hiletework, Project Officer of ADHENO in Ethiopia, one of All We Can’s partners.


A prayer for India

Heavenly Father,
You created all people in your image and made them equal in your sight
We bring before you the plight of vulnerable and marginalised women in India.
We pray for healing where there is hurt, and your strength to enable perseverance
We thank you for the work of READ which raises awareness among women of their rights,
and partners with them to develop their potential as given by you.
We ask that these women will know the worth you have bestowed on them
and be given the opportunity to assert influence over their future.

Claire Welch

Compassionate God
You created all people in your image, making them equal in your sight
We pray for the people who are vulnerable, marginalised and excluded in India
May they know the high position that you give to the lowly and oppressed
Thank you for All We Can’s partners in India supporting people to fulfil the potential you have given them
Protect them as they stand with communities to speak out against injustice
Give all involved wisdom and perseverance to overcome the challenges that they face

Rebecca Branch

Prayers and reflections inspired by global issues and the work of All We Can’s partners.