Radically Changing The Story

Who really are the poor?

Revisiting what the Bible says in light of the unjust world we live today.

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Climate change is real

‘I could not accept it, if someone said, there is no climate change.’

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Do Shrove Tuesday differently

Ways to rethink how we can live and act as Christians.

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Prayers for our environment

Climate change is harming millions of the world’s poorest people.

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Who really is the Good Samaritan?

Revisit one of Jesus’ most famous parables from a different perspective.

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Climate change is happening

‘When I was a child, there was a surplus of crops. Now, I live in poverty.’

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Do your shopping differently

Discover new ways you can help people living in poverty.

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Please pray for God's world

The climate crisis is harming millions of the world’s poorest people.

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What is God calling you to do?

Read why Jesus’ Parable of the Two Sons continues to inspire us today.

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Tackling climate change together

See the impact of local leaders like Isayias fighting climate crisis on the ground.

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Take action on carbon emissions

Ways you can get involved and help reduce carbon emissions.

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Please pray for solidarity

We, as Christians, need to stand together to tackle the climate crisis.

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Why isn't life fair?

Revisit Jesus’ Parable of The Workers in the Vineyard from a different perspective.

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Community in action

See the impact of leaders like Dereje fighting the climate crisis on the ground.

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Love, love, love

Could you be more loving to people in your community and beyond?

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Pray for justice in God's world

Please pray for some of the world’s poorest communities as they fight climate change.

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Living as a citizen of the Kingdom

Revisit Jesus’ parable (Luke 16:1-9) from a different perspective.

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Watch Nigesu's powerful story

Can you imagine the dilemma Nigesu faced? Sell your children or see them go hungry.

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Is your church green?

Ways to get your church more involved in going ‘green’.

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Pray for God's environment

Please pray for healing and transformation in our world.

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An invitation to a feast

Will you take up Jesus’ invitation in Luke 14:16-24 to serve others?

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Watch Fikerte's story

She wants to help her children. She’s doing all she can to support her family.

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Radical hospitality 

Who could you offer radically hospitality to this week?

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Pray for God's creation

Please actively pray for peace and healing in the world.

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