Community in action

Dereje loves his community and is proud of the way they love, respect and support one another.

The effects of the climate crisis are felt first-hand by the people of Cherkos. Uncertain crop yields due to the changes in the rainy seasons has seen members of the community needing to send their children to urban areas to find work instead of staying in school.

Dereje is hopeful that the work All We Can are doing with their partners in Cherkos and the willingness of this supportive community will see them in a better economic situation in the future.

Love, love, love

Could you be more loving to people in your community and beyond?

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Why isn't life fair?

Revisit Jesus’ Parable of The Workers in the Vineyard from a different perspective.

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Pray for justice in God's world

Please pray for some of the world’s poorest communities as they fight climate change.

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