Do your shopping differently

As part of All We Can’s Lent devotional series, discover new ways you can help people living in poverty.

Ram Gidoomal, chairman of Traidcraft plc, says: ‘It’s easy to think that Fairtrade is just a nice way to shop – a way to tick boxes and feel good. But for many farmers and artisans, Fairtrade represents their only viable route out of poverty.’

How you spend your money matters. Your economic power as a consumer should not be undervalued. What Fairtrade products do you have in your home? This week, as you shop, look for opportunities to buy Fairtrade.

Where you choose to spend your money will make a difference.

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Who really is the Good Samaritan?

Revisit one of Jesus’ most famous parables from a different perspective.

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Please pray for God's world

The climate crisis is harming millions of the world’s poorest people.

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Climate change is happening

‘When I was a child, there was a surplus of crops. Now, I live in poverty.’

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You can change lives now

Give now to help vulnerable families across the world desperately affected by climate change.

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