Invitation to a feast

As part of All We Can’s Lent devotional series, Thelma Commey, Methodist Youth President, looks at Luke 14:16-24 and asks us whether we are too busy to accept Jesus’ invitation to the banquet.

Who turns down an invitation to a feast?

The guests were all too busy. Busy with their own lives and agendas. They didn’t just miss out on great food but they denied this generous man their company.

Jesus inviting us to his table, could often be denied our company. An opportunity to share fellowship with the one that gives us all is turned down due to a life that is full of busyness – a busyness that is not always fruitfulness.

Jesus requires we bring nothing to the table but ourselves.

This is how God demonstrates grace to us – we don’t deserve a seat yet we are offered one.

The table is open to all. The opportunity to eat his bread and wine and to be filled with new life. Do we take this invitation for granted today? Do we miss the invitation in a world where the table of success and fame seem much more attractive?

Particularly during these difficult global circumstances currently, what invitation is Jesus extending to you today? Are you too busy to respond?

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