Take action now on carbon emissions

As part of All We Can’s Lent devotional series, the Joint Public Issues team (JPIT), challenges us to consider how we can aim for Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To achieve the target of Net Zero we need to reduce our carbon emissions in the UK in industry, lifestyle and transport. We can also play a part in encouraging the development of new environmental technologies overseas, including new forestry developments, or developing new renewable energy sources such as solar farms.

At All We Can, we have been challenging ourselves to consider the small ways we can radically change the story this Lent. Watch how Jaipreet is radically changing the story this Lent.

What are you doing or planning to do to help reduce carbon emissions? Small actions can have a big impact.

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What is God calling you to do?

Read why Jesus’ Parable of the Two Sons continues to inspire us today.

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Tackling climate change together

See the impact of local leaders like Isayias fighting climate crisis on the ground.

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Please pray for solidarity

We, as Christians, need to stand together to tackle the climate crisis.

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You can change lives now

Give now to help vulnerable families across the world desperately affected by climate change.

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