Maundy Thursday Reflections

Today you join with Christians all around the world marking Maundy Thursday.

Traditionally many churches would gather to share a meal as Jesus did with his disciples. The impact of the coronavirus means that being physically together is not an option. Many churches are swiftly developing their digital capacity so perhaps meals will be shared ‘virtually’?

How you connect and gather today in remembrance of the Last Supper?

All We Can’s Church CAN manager, Tim Raby, shares what Maundy Thursday means to him as he works alongside churches around the world.

Read Luke 22: 7-38

I have always been struck that the word ‘companion’ derives from words meaning ‘with’ and ‘bread’. It shows me the importance of the acts of hospitality and sharing food for building relationships. It is also striking that Jesus often used mealtimes or food as opportunities to serve and teach his friends, mostly notably at the Last Supper, which we remember today. Recently I took part in a Communion Service in India and, although I couldn’t understand the words that were said, I could take the bread and the wine along with my ‘companions’. Despite the obvious differences, we were worshipping the same Lord and, in my work as Church CAN Manager, I am helping churches around the world to take part in the same mission as my own church.

On my trips overseas, I see that climate change is making it more and more difficult for farmers to grow enough food to feed their families, let alone have any extra to sell. The food that we eat now comes from all over the world, so maybe we should consider the farmers who grow our avocadoes or our local café’s coffee beans as our ‘companions’ too. Having this perspective helps me to think more seriously about what I can do to reduce my impact on climate change and about where the food that I eat comes from so that I can play my part in changing the story for my ‘companions’ in the poorest parts of the world.

Who are your ‘companions’? As Jesus shared his final meal with his friends, he commanded them to repeat this meal in remembrance of him. As you find ways to gather for mealtimes today, take a moment to remember the magnitude of the final meal Jesus shared with his disciples. Jesus commanded us to remember him as we eat the bread and drink the wine. In remembering him, we are reminded that we are one body. We are connected to one another. Our companions.

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