Please pray for God’s creation

As part of All We Can’s Lent devotional series, Professor Clive Marsh, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, encourages us to remember that prayer is an action. 

Prayer is already action
As a way of being open to God it means we are asking to be guided, to be informed, to be changed by God.

Prayer also leads to action
Guided by God we may act differently than before, seek to influence others and to work with God to make the world a better place.

Action which is prayerful or prompted by prayer is needed now more than ever when we see the climate changing, and human pollution of the earth having such damaging effects.

Creation is God’s loving risk
God has entrusted us with much. The freedom we have is the freedom to deny God and to destroy the earth, as well as the freedom to contribute to the welcoming of a flourishing world.

Pray. Act. Live with God. For the world.

What actions will your prayers lead you to? How can you contribute to the flourishing of the world?

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