Pray for justice in God’s world

As part of All We Can’s Lent devotional series, Chris Rose, Director of Amos Trust, shares a way we can pray as modelled by their partners in Nicaragua.

The impoverished communities in Nicaragua experience the daily reality of climate injustice. For the last three years their annual rainfall has fallen over two or three days, followed by drought.

Providing food aid can be the easy response but it can lead to dependency or an inclination to jump in with answers. It is far harder but far more important to heed the Jesus we seek to follow, who walks with his people and knows what it feels like to experience massive injustice.

Here is the Nicaraguan Campasina (peasant) mass:

‘You are the God of the poor,
the human and simple God,
The God that sweats in the street,
The God with the weathered face.
That is why I speak to you,
like my people speak to you,
Because you are the labourer God,
The worker of Christ.’

Today, as you pray, remember these words and recall the God of the poor, the human and simple God. Who can you walk alongside that is facing injustice?

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