Radical hospitality

As part of All We Can’s Lent devotional series, Kahaila, a church, charity and coffee shop in East London share how they are earnestly trying to live out Jesus’ message of radical hospitality.

Do you have a go to coffee shop or favourite café?

Hospitality is a big business and is the fourth largest industry in the UK. We mustn’t underestimate the role hospitality can play in combating the cultural trend of individualism which has seen a rise in loneliness.

The hospitality of Jesus goes far beyond the comfortable coffee shop or the latest alternative dining experience. Jesus is calling us not to just open our homes, businesses, friendships and hearts to those that are like us, but to consciously and intentionally seek to welcome and even compel those who are ‘different’ to us to come and join the banquet.

Jesus is encouraging us to remove the barriers that might exist between us and ‘the other’. There is a saying that diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice and belonging is having that voice heard. We seek to live out our value of belonging by trying to give all people an opportunity to share their voice.

These are strange times to be reflecting on hospitality, as so much has changed in our society at the moment. However, making people feel welcome and connected is more important than ever – how can you offer radical hospitality this week? Who needs to be given an opportunity to share their voice?

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