Why isn’t life fair?

As part of All We Can’s Lent devotional series, Revd Ashley Cooper, Principal of Cliff College, reflects on Matthew 20:1-16 and asks us to consider what is fair in the kingdom of God.

When you were a child did you ever proclaim that, ‘It’s not fair!’ and be quickly told that, ‘Life isn’t fair’?

As we journey through life it becomes a common thread to our story. Things do not seem fair and clearly things are not fair.

Quite often our sense of fairness or justice comes down to what we think we deserve.

In this parable, those who worked all day felt they deserved to be paid more than the others, rather than what they had agreed to work for. There are two attitudes Jesus is trying to create within us in this parable.

The first is an attitude that recognises that all we have is an incredible, generous gift from God. The second is an attitude of grace towards what Jesus calls ‘the last’.

In this story, Jesus makes everyone equal. Everyone standing together; paid the same.

No last or first. Equal value and equal worth.

When have you felt life isn’t fair? Where could you show an attitude of grace towards those considered ‘the last’?

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