Charles Wesley hymn

A new hymn adapted from Charles Wesley’s “The Beatitudes” that was sung at All We Can’s launch events in April 2014. To be sung to the tune LAUDS (Singing the Faith 398).


Come, O Lord, my heart renew,
Come, thou holy God and true;
Change my nature into thine,
In me thy whole image shine.

Thou to every sufferer nigh,
Hearest, not in vain, the cry
Of the widow in distress,
Of the poor and shelterless.

Thou dost care for all in need,
to the hungry dealest bread,
to the sick thou giv’st relief,
soothe the hapless prisoner’s grief.

Fill my heart with active love
Emulating thee above,
Love immense, and unconfined,
Love to all of humankind.

Love, which wills that all should live,
Love, which all to all would give,
Love, that over all prevails,
Love, that never, never fails.

Charles Wesley
From Hymns and Sacred Poems (1749), No. 8, “The Beatitudes”
Adapted by Simeon Mitchell
Tune: LAUDS (Singing the Faith 398)