Lent 2020 – Isayias’s story

“Now I try to serve the poorest…”

Isayias is one of the inspiring and talented people All We Can is working alongside in Ethiopia to help support communities like Cherkos to combat the very worst effects of climate change. Isayias tells a little bit of his story, and the story of the organisation he works for – ADENHO:



You can also download a copy of this video from Vimeo here.

All We Can has been working with ADENHO, one of our partners in Ethiopia since 2012. Over that time, we have found a range of ways to work together, in collaboration, in order to inspire and bring about change amongst some of the poorest communities in parts of Ethiopia.

Isayias explains that their work is focused on 3 areas:

  • Income generating activities for people living in poverty;
  • Environmental protection – planting and providing indigenous trees to help combat climate change and soil degradation;
  • Education – supporting the local schools with their buildings and the materials they need to provide an education for the next generation.

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