The Mystery of Matthew Gold

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All We Can has teamed up with Chick Yuill, the internationally published author and speaker, for his new book The Mystery of Matthew Gold. All author royalties will be donated to All We Can, along with an additional £1 for every book ordered direct from the author.

This new book is a wonderfully engaging novel exploring the mysteries of life, allowing the reader to be absorbed by the twists and turns of one man’s story, whilst drawing parallels to our own individual journey. Chick has written two previous fiction books, as well as a number of other Christian books. His last book, The Man Who Broke St Peter’s, has been short-listed for the 2019 Christian Resources Together Fiction Award.

The book costs £8.99 (+£2.00 for postage and packaging). Just think of the impact these donations can have to people living in some of the world’s poorest communities!

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NB: Click on the button below to generate an email to Chick Yuill providing the details of your order – how many copies, your name and address and any other helpful info. The processing of orders is not handled by All We Can and no data is managed or stored by the charity.

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About the book

Meet Matthew Gold: wealthy, successful and secure – but totally alone.

Afflicted from childhood by a crippling stammer, words have been his greatest problem. But, as his talent as a writer of detective fiction emerges, words become his greatest passion. He might struggle to speak, but on the pages of his novels, his slick-talking private eye knows all the answers and can always find the words to illuminate every mystery.

But what happens when life itself becomes a mystery you cannot solve?

What do you say and what can you do when words come to an end?

About the author

Chick Yuill is a speaker and writer with a growing passion to bring matters of faith out of the narrow confines of a religious ghetto and into the wider arena of public life and discourse.

His previous novels, Rooks at Dusk and The Man Who Broke Into St Peter’s, were published in 2017 and 2018 by Instant Apostle. He has been married to Margaret for 50 years and they have two daughters.