Safeguarding in 2020/21

All We Can is fully committed to the safeguarding and welfare of all individuals and recognises the right of every person to live free from harm, abuse, exploitation and neglect.

All We Can works in collaboration with many partners around the world, and we are committed to ensuring that those with whom we partner with are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to reach the highest safeguarding standards.

Over the course of the year, All We Can has been engaging in a number of initiatives together with our partners and the communities that we work with to promote safer cultures within their organisations and to increase their safeguarding knowledge and adherence towards safeguarding best practice. All We Can’s Global Safeguarding lead has been supporting the local organisations that we work with to improve their own safeguarding policies and practices, ensuring that community-orientated disclosure mechanisms are adopted consistently across all partner organisations. In a recent partner survey, 42% of all partners agreed that they had received safeguarding capacity-building support in this area. One local partner commented that ‘targeted communities are aware of the channels to follow or how to voice any complaints regarding the project delivery and staff conduct.’

All We Can recognises that local context is a critical factor in shaping safeguarding practices and in its implementation, every safeguarding initiative undertaken with our local partners considers the cultural sensitivities found within each country context and is tailored to the individual needs of each partner organisation. In September 2021, All We Can provided a bespoke safeguarding training for key staff and trustees from all partner organisations aimed at enhancing partner awareness of safeguarding and improving partner safeguarding practice tailored to each country context that our partners work in. All We Can also provides safeguarding training to all trustees, staff, interns, volunteers, representatives, associates, service contractors, consultants, and guests delivered through accredited trainers to ensure that we regularly promote safer culture and best practice within our organisation.

All We Can continues to proactively encourage all of our partners to report on any previously unreported incidents involving inappropriate behaviour or actions. Alongside this reporting process and culture of encouraged openness, All We Can also offers a confidential whistle-blowing service to all staff and partners, which reinforces our commitment of ensuring that all individuals remain free from harm. All We Can ensures that safeguarding is a permanent agenda item in all Board and senior leadership meetings. In 2021, All We Can also become a member of the Inter-Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme – a scheme initiated to prevent and address the consequences of sexual harassment and sexual exploitation and abuse in the humanitarian and development sector by sharing misconduct data with recruiting organisations and previous employers.

All We Can has a duty to remain open and accountable to our partners and supporters. By promoting and continually ensuring that there is a strong organisational consciousness and culture of safeguarding within All We Can and within all of our partner organisations, we aim to ensure that every individual that is impacted by our work together remains free from harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

For more information, please see All We Can’s 2020/21 Annual Report, or visit our safeguarding webpages.