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Extraordinary Gifts

Practical gifts that help people in some of the world’s poorest communities to become all that they can.

From providing a child in Uganda with a bicycle to get to and from school, to ensuring that a family in Zimbabwe has clean water to drink– you will find gifts to capture the hearts and imaginations of your loved ones and make a world of difference to a family in need this Christmas.

With every Extraordinary Gift, you will receive a card to pass on to your loved one, showing them the kind of difference their gift could make.

  • Sitera stands in her classroom in Malawi


    £24.00 View
  • Build a Bog

    £36.00 View
  • Asefa stands next to his beehive in Ethiopia

    Create a Buzz

    £22.00 View
  • Carrots grown in India

    Green Futures

    £36.00 View
  • Maureen practices her sewing in Uganda

    Let It Sew

    £31.00 View
  • A basket full of locally grown produce in Ethiopia

    Plentiful Plates

    £30.00 View
  • Safe Place to Play

    £27.00 View
  • A mother and her child wash their hands in Kutapolong Camp.

    Standing Together

    £34.00 View