Statement on the current refugee and migrant crisis


As the headlines continue to be dominated by news about refugees and migrants, All We Can has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting those who have fled the conflict in Syria, and to contributing to addressing some of the root causes of the crisis.

Maurice Adams, Chief Executive, commented: “Over recent days, many of us have been shocked and moved by tragic stories of the human impact of the escalating refugee and migrant crisis in Europe. Increasing numbers are enduring arduous journeys to escape war and persecution, or simply in search of a better life, only to encounter danger, suffering, hostility and even death. There are many complex reasons for this crisis, but its human cost is all too clear to see.

As an organisation grounded in Christian principles, we believe in the God-given value and potential of every human being, so anything which diminishes that is of concern. We also heed the Biblical call to respond unconditionally with compassion to those who are needy and vulnerable, the stranger and the orphan. Today we stand in prayerful solidarity with all who are suffering, and reaffirm our commitment to playing a part in addressing the crisis.

As we have done for the last two and a half years, we will continue to provide humanitarian support to those fleeing the conflict in Syria through our work with partner organisations in neighbouring countries. Donations to our Syria Appeal will particularly help our partners to improve conditions and prospects for people living in temporary accommodation in Jordan.

As All We Can’s main focus is on working with partners in the poorest communities of the world’s poorest countries, we are not presently engaged in a direct response to the needs of refugees and migrants within mainland Europe, but we commend the work being done by our sister agencies and churches in this area.

Through our long-term development and advocacy work, we also seek to make a contribution to addressing some of the root causes of the current crisis, including poverty, climate change and oppression, in all its forms. Our partners are working to improve quality of life, economic prospects and awareness of rights within local communities, so people have fewer reasons to leave their homes, their families and their livelihoods.

While there are no easy answers to this crisis, we are all called to do what we can in response. Please consider donating to our Syria Appeal, and join us in praying for the situation.”

A prayer

Creator of all:
For people who are displaced,
may they find a safe refuge.
For people who have lost control of their lives,
may they know a sure foundation.
For people who live in fear,
may they be given a strong fortress.
For people who are disillusioned,
may they have hope in a future.
Loving Father, in times of crisis, sorrow and uncertainty
we ask that you draw near.

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