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Maëla Derrien

Senior Partnerships Manager


After obtaining her Master’s degree in Crisis Analysis and Humanitarian Action, Maëla forged her first experience working on the implementation of educational and psychosocial programmes for children leaving in war-torn areas. This led her to work with refugee and host communities in the Middle East for 4 years, before relocating to the UK and joining the team in 2019.

At All We Can, she led the scoping and selection of 7 new long-term development partners in Sierra Leone and Liberia and is now nurturing those partnerships and supporting two Country Representatives in their direct partnership management roles. She is also providing capacity development support to all All We Can partners based on the needs and appetites, with a special focus on strengthening their financial sustainability.

Because of her background in working with refugees, Maëla has also been leading All We Can’s support to refugee communities, such as the Rohingyas and Syrians in Bangladesh and Jordan. A work that has been part of the organisation’s identity since its creation.