Toyaba’s story

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Four generations of Toyaba’s family live in Jamtoli refugee camp. They have done all they can to forge homes out of their meagre belongings. In Toyaba’s shelter, a string of plastic beads hangs on the wall, clothes are draped carefully to keep them safe from dust, and UNHCR mats are placed in the doorway to welcome guests.

Toyaba is one of nearly 700,000 Rohingya, a minority group from Rakhine state in western Myanmar, who have fled violence and persecution in the last eight months. Her grandson Mohammad is one of the thousands of babies expected to be born this year in the camps. All We Can has been serving and supporting Rohingya people like Toyaba since the beginning of September 2017. In the first six months of the emergency, with funds raised through the Rohingya Refugee Crisis Appeal, All We Can was able to provide life-saving food aid, hygiene and dignity kits and specialist psychosocial support and care for women

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Toyaba decided to flee with her family in August 2017, before her village in Myanmar was attacked. She explained how difficult things were, “We had no rights. We saved our own lives because the [Myanmar] military killed people and burned houses. They even burnt whole villages”. In the camps, things are not easy for families like Toyaba’s. She spoke about being nervous about whether the house would be strong enough to cope with the 2018 monsoon season rains. The lack of food and money to buy basic provisions provides a daily challenge for families like hers, most of whom arrived in the camps malnourished and hungry. Toyaba felt relieved to be in a place where she was safe from conflict and persecution, but she spoke of her fears for the future.

Toyaba’s fears are well founded. The cyclone and monsoon season begun in May 2018 and could aggravate the already dire situation in the camps – destroying dwellings, contaminating drinking water and causing the spread of cholera. Thousands of children like Mohammad are already living in horrific conditions, and now they face the risk of flooding, landslides and further displacement.

All We Can is committed to working with families like Toyaba’s, together we are able to help secure a better future for families living in some of the world’s poorest communities. Find out more about how you can give to support families like Toyaba’s.

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