Two Beards and a Bike

Peter and Vince, the duo behind 'Two Beards and a Bike', are gearing up to conquer Ride London 2024!


I’m Vince, and together with my friend and colleague Peter, we’re the ‘Two Beards and a Bike’ duo. I’ve been letting my beard grow out, not just to catch up with Peter’s impressive facial hair but also to spark conversations about why we’re fundraising for All We Can.

Our first tandem training ride was quite the spectacle – it’s much harder than it looks! The bike wobbled, we struggled to find our rhythm, and it was clear that tandem cycling requires a unique blend of teamwork and communication. But this challenge is symbolic of the journey that All We Can supports communities in undertaking.

Why do we believe so strongly in locally-led development? Because it’s about putting the power back into the hands of local communities. All We Can operates on the principle that those who live in the community know their needs and strengths best. They are the experts of their context, and when they’re in the driving seat, development becomes more than just aid – it becomes empowerment.

This philosophy resonates deeply with us. Just as Peter and I must communicate and work together to steer our tandem bike, communities must be united and in control to navigate the path to sustainable development. It’s not about imposing solutions; it’s about fostering an environment where communities can thrive on their own terms.

All We Can believes in supporting initiatives that are community-led, ensuring that development is not something done to people, but something done by them. This approach is transformative. It builds on the assets, strengths, and ideas of the people within the community, making the development process more equitable and just.

The first time Peter and I tried to ride the tandem bike, we quickly realized that it was a true test of partnership. Steering required us to move in unison, to anticipate each other’s actions, and to trust implicitly. It was a humbling experience, one that taught us that taking the easy route isn’t always the most fulfilling.

By choosing to undertake this tandem bike challenge, we’re demonstrating our support for All We Can’s belief in locally-led development. It’s a belief that aligns with our own values – that every individual should have the opportunity to be in control of their journey, just as we are on our bike.

So, as I let my beard grow and as Peter and I continue to train for our tandem ride, we invite you to support us. Your donations will help All We Can continue their vital work, ensuring that communities are in the driver’s seat of their development. Together, we can make a difference, one pedal stroke at a time.

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