Vaiter’s Story

Vaiter, wearing a beige hat and shirt, is pictured in her fields staring directly at the camera. A 'The Next Steps' logo is in the background.
Vaiter, pictured near her home in Nkayi. Image: Tendai Marima/All We Can

Vaiter is 73, and lives in a small village in rural Nkayi – a dry, rural part of southern Zimbabwe. The region is prone to erratic rainfall, and climate change is making Vaiter’s home more and more difficult to live in, with drought an ever-present threat. The lack of rainfall makes it difficult to grow most crop varieties, making it extremely difficult for families to grow enough to eat. Vaiter’s children have sadly passed away, and so she and her husband must care for their young grandchildren. With an enormous burden of care on their shoulders, the family work tirelessly for a better future.

All We Can’s local partner in the region, HEFO, are supporting people like Vaiter, by training them in livestock production. HEFO are deeply rooted in the community in Nkayi, and work together with them to tackle the challenges of Covid-19 and climate change. All We Can works in committed partnership with HEFO to help create long-term, positive change in Nkayi.

Whilst it can be difficult to grow crops in Nkayi, there is enough rainfall to produce grass for livestock to graze. Livestock production provides a vital source of income for communities like Vaiter’s – and thanks to HEFO’s programmes, they can also be trained in animal feeding, breeding, health management and general husbandry.

HEFO takes a holistic approach to development, and places great value on health, hygiene and water management – something which has been vital during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘HEFO first came here in about 2017 when there was a cholera outbreak in this area and they came to teach us about hygiene, how to clean out our dirty boreholes and to ensure we drink clean water. From there I started to change the way I live in my home, I pay more attention to hygiene and I make sure I have a stock of soap in the house’ explains Vaiter. ‘If we don’t practice good hygiene we could die so I want to follow what we have been taught.’

‘I also attended their farming workshops and from there I learnt how to look after cattle and goats. I now have my own goats and when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is to check on them.’

Over the coming year, All We Can’s local partner HEFO will be supporting 462 livestock farmers like Vaiter to take their next steps towards overcoming the challenges of Covid-19, climate change, and poverty.  Will you be a part of that journey? Find out more.