Church CAN

Church CAN aims to strengthen the capacity of churches to improve their effectiveness as agents of change in their local contexts.

We recognise that churches have unique strengths that enable them to make an important contribution to seeing ‘everyone’s potential fulfilled’.  These include their closeness to, and legitimacy with, those in need; their long-term presence; their ability to mobilise sustainable voluntary commitment from members; and their potential for local and global advocacy. For many churches and individual Christians responding to injustice and poverty, helping vulnerable and disadvantaged communities to overcome their difficulties and live life to the full are central to their response to the experience of God’s love.

Church CAN is a joint programme from All We Can and the Global Relationships Team of the Methodist Church in Britain, which provides the link between the British Church and its Partner Churches around the world.  The Church CAN programme currently works with churches in India, the Caribbean, Sierra Leone and Southern Africa, and adopts the same partnership approach as All We Can does with all it’s local partners.

We recognise that churches might have a legacy of tens or hundreds of years of work of helping communities to flourish and we seek to build on that.  We help these churches identify their strengths and the areas in which they can grow so they become more effective.

Below are just a few examples of ways in which Church CAN is currently supporting the local church:

  • In India, Church CAN is working with the Diocese of Jabalpur of the Church of North India, helping them to improve their governance systems and leadership skills
  • In Southern Africa, Church CAN is helping the Methodist Church in Southern Africa to develop a strategic plan and capacity development programme for its work in Lesotho
  • In Sierra Leone, Church CAN is working with the Methodist Church in Sierra Leone to improve its financial management and the social action work of its local churches