Church CAN initiative

All We Can recognises that churches have unique strengths that potentially make them ideal partners in the field of relief and development, particularly when working with local communities. These include their closeness to, and legitimacy with, those in need; their long-term presence; their ability to mobilise sustainable voluntary commitment from members; and their potential for local and global advocacy. For many churches and individual Christians responding to injustice and poverty, helping poor and disadvantaged communities to overcome their difficulties and live life to the full are central to their response to the experience of God’s love.

Church CAN in Uganda

Community engagement and development as depicted by a farmer who has been supported through All We Can and Methodist Church in Uganda’s programme

Our Church CAN (Church Community Action for Neighbours) programme takes a distinct approach to working with churches that is different from the way we collaborate with other organisations. We understand that churches seek to work with the whole person, meeting spiritual, physical, social and psychological needs. All We Can’s partnership with the church is firstly with the whole church, whether at national or regional level and then through this, with a specific ministry that is most closely aligned with All We Can’s specific objective of improving the long term quality of life of the poorest and most marginalised people and communities.

Church CAN  (Church Community Action for Neighbours) is a shared initiative between All We Can and Global Relationships. All We Can and Global Relationships are working together to enable global Partner Churches to strengthen their capacity and effectiveness as agents of change in their local contexts.