How we work

All We Can wants to work with local communities so that they can become stronger through our collaboration with them, ensuring that projects are sustainable and that local capabilities are increased.

We do this by working alongside talented local organisations and individuals. Their commitment and compassion means that, more than anyone else, they are best placed to unlock the potential in their communities.

All We Can works in authentic partnership with organisations and churches whose vision, purpose, objectives and values we share.

For us, partnership is not a ‘project cycle’. It is more like a journey, where we come alongside partners and walk together. We identify leaders who have a vision for the local communities they work in. All We Can then supports those leaders and organisations to achieve long-lasting positive change in people’s lives.

Partnership principles

Trust is both the bedrock and the outcome of any healthy partnership. Together, with the local organisations we work with, we believe that strong trusting partnerships arise from: