As an organisation rooted in Christian principles, All We Can considers advocacy as an extension of the Christian practice of supporting and loving our neighbours and doing justice in society through enabling positive, long-term transformation in some of the world’s poorest communities. Our advocacy and education work, both in Britain and internationally, seeks to make a difference by addressing the structural causes of poverty, inequality and injustice.

We understand advocacy as the series of opportunities, efforts and actions aimed at influencing policy at different levels. We believe that changes in policy, either big or small, can lead to practical positive transformations for the most in need. We seek to root our advocacy work in issues that the local communities we work with identify. We also aim to build the capacity of the local organisations we work with to participate more effectively in policy-influencing processes.

We recognise the primary role in advocacy processes of local organisations and churches, both in the UK and overseas, because of:

  • their closeness to and legitimacy with people living in poverty and marginalisation
  • their long-term presence
  • their ability to mobilise sustainable voluntary commitment from members
  • their potential for local and global advocacy.

By supporting advocacy led by the local organisations we work with we are also seeking to make the structures and systems of decision-making more inclusive.