What can we learn from disasters?

Lessons from disasters

This blog by Atish Gonsalves, Global Innovation Director, Humanitarian Leadership Academy, is part of All We Can’s ‘Rethinking Disasters’ micro-blog series.

The Humanitarian Leader Academy’s early approaches to innovation leverages not just technology, but new tools and methodologies to solve problems in locally relevant and creative ways. With the longstanding focus on learning and knowledge, the Academy attempts to answer the question: “How do we co-create and share learning that is engaging, scalable and impactful to build strong, resilient communities and save lives?”

At the centre of our learning process is the endeavour to enable others to create and share their own experiences, thus becoming active creators of learning rather than being passive consumers of knowledge. We have created spaces for individual innovators and groups locally to innovate – with a keen focus on learning and knowledge sharing. We have used design thinking and co-creation, combined with innovations in learning to create innovative learning at the local level. This has been achieved by building strong relationships in all the Academy-focus countries (Kenya, Philippines, Jordan, Bangladesh) and with additional global partners.

Atish Gonsalves is the Global Innovation Director at the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. Atish has a background in technology and human-computer interaction. Prior to the Academy, he was the Executive Director of DisasterReady.org and worked leading the technology team for many years with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

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