Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

All We Can’s current five-year strategy (September 2015- August 2020) is to support local organisations in ways that will lead to lasting positive change in the lives of some of the poorest and most marginalised communities worldwide. Alongside this, All We Can has established a robust Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL) system in order to:

  • Track activities
  • Identify positive achievements as well areas needing improvement
  • Measure the actual impact of All We Can’s work at the end of the strategy timeframe.

By putting in place a strong MEL system that will contribute to the generation of reliable information about its programme, All We Can shows its commitment to accountability, transparency and learning.

In addition to monitoring and evaluating its own strategy, All We Can supports its partners to strengthen their own MEL systems and makes sure that they own the process and the outcomes derived from it.  All We Can helps local organisations to acquire technical skills for monitoring, evaluation and learning and provides financial resources to help them implement systems.

The following aspects underpin the MEL capacity development process for partners:

  • Partner led process
  • Facilitation and support provision
  • Tailored approach to each local organisation’s unique MEL situation
  • Continuity in the support provided
  • Learning from the process is happening

The MEL system strengthens the relationship between All We Can and the local organisations it works with by providing space for mutual evaluation, learning and improvement.