Capacity Development

© Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance

All We Can believe that one of our most important roles is to support the capacity development of the local organisations and churches we work with across the world. We believe this is a long-term process of change that happens within an organisation itself; organisational capacity is not something that can be ‘developed’ or ‘built’ from the outside.
All We Can’s role in this process is to help the local organisations we partner with to recognise and respond to the need for change and opportunities for growth. The different types of capacity development support we offer to our local partner organisations include:

  • Linking our local partner organisations to each other, other local and international funders, relevant networks, and mentors or skilled volunteers from their own country or overseas
  • Sharing our own experiences about what works well and what doesn’t
  • Providing financial support for staff and board members of local partner organisations to attend relevant training and to engage local consultants for advice and support.

Our capacity development support aims to help the local organisations we partner with to become all that they can so that they can make a positive and long-lasting difference in the vulnerable and marginalised communities where they work.

Working together in Cameroon