When we met our Malawi Partner – Eagles

Watch again: Our 2nd March event offered the chance to meet Eagles, our Malawi Partner.



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‘We have seen their community defined, their community managed, their community sustained, by the people (…) they must be in the driving seat.’ Victor Mughogho, Director of Eagles

On 2nd March 2023, All We Can supporters had the opportunity to meet our Malawi partner, Eagles, in an online event.

Walking together in partnership

Speaking at the event, Victor Mughogho, Director of Eagles, was joined by Jaipreet Kaur, All We Can’s Head of Philanthropy and Individual Relationships, who facilitated the event.

Angela Zamaere Smith, Director of Programmes and Partnerships for All We Can, challenged the paradigm of communities as ‘passive recipients’ of aid, advocating for a more relational model:

‘In a partnership … critically, communities can say what they can do themselves, and what support they need from the outside.’

Communities in the driving seat

Eagles is is listening to and involving local communities in rethinking poverty and transforming their futures. In the video below, Victor shares how, with All We Can’s support, Eagles have worked towards the goal of every person’s potential fulfilled.

Led by our partners and their communities, we’re putting communities in the driving seat in 2023. Watch the event here, and find out more about this vital work towards locally-led development.

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