Gloriose Niyibigira is no longer able to provide for her family by selling pots, this is why All We Can's partner UCEDD is training her in other skills.

Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world. In 1993 civil tension between ethnic groups came to a head in a conflict that lasted for 12 years leaving an estimated 300,000 people dead. This conflict resulted in displaced people, abandoned land, destroyed homes, and families torn apart.

Meet the local organisations we work with

All We Can has been working with talented local partners in Burundi since 2011. Each partner has a big vision to see their communities move out of poverty. Included in the actions of our partners are helping people rebuild their lives after to the devastation caused by war, including widows and vulnerable young people.

Another group in need of help are the Batwa, who have suffered their own difficulties. Traditionally they have made a living from selling clay pots and metal goods, but due to cheap imports like plastic the demand for their trade has reduced. They are also a marginalised group experiencing discrimination due to their traditional way of life and lack of social integratio

Union Chretienne pour l’Education et le Developpment (UCEDD)

Helps Batwa communities gain ownership to their land, provides them with training in literacy and modern farming techniques. Partner since: 2011.

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Association Protection des Ressources Naturelles (APRN)

Helps communities increase their soil fertility by planting anti-erosion grasses and increasing compost production through the distribution of goats. Partner since: 2011