By being part of a CDVTA Older Person's Group Theressia Mbuh has been able to improve not only her ability to earn an income and support her grandchildren, but also feels a lot healthier and happier.

We are working with talented local organisations in Cameroon with a particular focus on supporting marginalised groups in the regions they work in who are often overlooked or discriminated against.

Our projects support marginalised women and the elderly to build sustainable livelihoods and provide better opportunities for people living in rural areas. Together we are doing all we can to ensure people living in Cameroon have access to the resources they need to support their families, have a voice in their community and receive training to start their own business.

Meet the local organisations we work with

Nkong Hill Top Common Initiative Group (NADEV)

Works to transform the lives of vulnerable women through business training, micro-finance initiatives, and raising awareness of their rights. Partner since 2006.

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Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance (CDVTA)

Improving the quality of life of marginalised elderly people through advocacy and training. Partner since 2004.

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