In Ethiopia more than 12 million people do not have secure access to food. The majority of Ethiopians rely on agriculture to make a living, but much of the already limited farming land is suffering from deforestation and soil erosion. During the dry season the majority of people do not have enough food to eat and without alternative sources of livelihoods many young adults move away in search of work. All We Can is working with four inspiring local organisations in Ethiopia that focus on working with the most vulnerable in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

Meet the local organisations we work with

We are working in partnership with local organisations in Amhara, one of the poorest regions of Ethiopia. Together we are helping farmers to improve their agricultural yield and find sustainable ways to make a living.

Alem Birhan Self Help Community Based Development Association (ABSHCBDA)

Works to start Community Development Groups, helping people to increase their income and learn new skills. Partner since: 2012

Megertu holds a basket of vegetables in Ethiopia

Integrated Rural Development Association (ADEHNO)

Helping farmers to rehabilitate degraded farming land, increase their yields and income. Partner since: 2012

Addis Hiwot Rehabilitation and Reintegration Association (AHRRA)

AHRRA is an organisation that focuses on improving the health, livelihoods and wellbeing of overlooked and underserved people through strong participation and community-led action. AHRRA works with local community and government structures across Amhara Region to support people living on the margins – including people living with HIV, prison communities, vulnerable children, unemployed young people and returned migrants – to improve their livelihoods, access health and education services and contribute to their communities.

All We Can is currently supporting AHRRA to work towards its vision of everyone enjoying a healthy, productive and decent life by supporting a pilot project to improve nutrition among children, pregnant women and mothers in two communities in Batti-Zuria District.
Partner since: 2019

Biruk, a disabled student in Ethiopia, receives emergency food supplies.

Help for People with Disabilities Organisation (HPDO)

HPDO is a Disabled Persons Organisation (DPO) founded in 1994 to promote equal opportunity, effective participation and inclusion of people with disabilities living in Ethiopia. HPDO utilizes the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) approach to support people with a range of impairments and their families. Through the CBR approach, HPDO increases the participation of children, young people and adults with disabilities in formal and informal education, employment (including self-employment) and community life, and strengthens their general wellbeing, self-reliance and physical capacity. HPDO works closely with people with disabilities, their families and wider community to overcome stigma and prejudice around disability and champions the rights of people with disabilities.

All We Can is supporting HPDO to work towards its vision of an inclusive and equitable society by supporting children with disabilities to access education in rural Amhara region.
Partner since: 2019