Zimbabwe used to boast one of the best records for health in Africa but in recent years political and economic crises have brought rising poverty and social decline in their wake.  In Zimbabwe All We Can works with local organisations to support people in rural areas to develop sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.

Meet the local organisations we work with

Methodist Development and Relief Agency (MeDRA)

With a passion to empower and transform rural communities in Gokwe and Muzarabani districts, MeDRA focuses on supporting people to develop sustainable livelihoods, access clean water and improved sanitation facilities and strengthen community-based support structures. MeDRA also works closely with the Methodist Church of Zimbabwe to address systemic issues of injustice through promoting gender equality, community level peace and reconciliation and child safe-guarding.In 2016 All We Can supported MeDRA to undertake strategic planning that has helped MeDRA to focus their work on making the biggest possible difference with the resources they have. It also supported MeDRA to work with drought affected communities – from immediate food assistance to longer term food security. Together now, All We Can and MeDRA are working together to support the formation of small groups that will enable individuals to access new and more sustainable livelihoods like chicken rearing, gardening, pig breeding and fish farming.

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Local Initiative Development Agency (LID)

LID Agency creates and facilitates innovative and practical solutions that empower communities to derive sustainable benefits from agriculture, climate-smart natural resource management, health, water and sanitation. Director of LID, Pascal Manyakaidze says, “Our Christian faith is important. We exist for others, not for ourselves”. LID Agency are working in four districts in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe.

Health, Education and Food Security Organisation (HEFO)

HEFO are supporting communities in the Nkayi District of Matabeleland North. HEFO is passionate about restoring and equipping vulnerable communities so that they might be more self-reliant. They focus on climate resilient, sustainable agriculture, promoting livestock production and increasing access to clean, safe water.

HEFO Project Committee Members gathered outside a home in Zimbabwe.

HEFO Project Committee Members gathered outside a home in Zimbabwe

“Dealing with social issues is not enough. We are not the solution to all issues, but we do have our part to play” – Anania Ncube, Director of HEFO.

Zubo Trust

Working in the Binga District of Matabeleland North the Zubo Trust promote and support the needs of rural women in the Zambezi Valley to realise their full socio-economic potential. They encourage women to make the most of naturally available resources which also benefits children, men and the wider community around them.

Centre for Gender and Community Development Zimbabwe (CGCDZ)

CGCDZ promote community development through gender sensitive projects focusing on citizen participation, economic empowerment and climate change mitigation and adaption. They work in four districts of the Masvingo Province in Zimbabwe.

“The whole idea is to transform communities using local knowledge, with local resources, and within the context in which they are existing” – Elliot Vengesa, Director of CGCDZ.